Recording stream / Running video encoder without renderer ; Code : samples/gstVideoEncode

Hi Guys,

I want to record stream on my TX2.

I am using the following example code from argus.
Path : tegra_multimedia_api/argus/samples/gstVideoEncode/main.cpp

While recording, it also shows the captured frame on renderer, which I don’t want.

Is there anyway to disable renderer and enable video encoder ?

Thanks in advance.

We have implemented nvarguscamerasrc plugin. Please check user guide for more sample pipelines:


Actually I have a legacy code which has video encoder and renderer enabled.
But my requirement is to run video encoder with disabled renderer.

I think, the presence of below mentioned lines in my code enables renderer.

EGLDisplayHolder           g_display;

g_object_set(G_OBJECT(videoSource), "display", g_display.get(), NULL);
g_object_set(G_OBJECT(videoSource), "eglstream", eglStream, NULL);

Window &window = Window::getInstance();

I also referred sample code “gstVideoEncode” given in argus examples.
But it has also renderer enabled.
Please look at the argus sample code “tegra_multimedia_api/argus/samples/gstVideoEncode/main.cpp”.

So is there a way to avoid using g_display and disable renderer ?



Try refering the argus sample code “tegra_multimedia_api/samples/10_camera_recording” where you can get the reference for disabling display and record the video.