TX2 DRM DRM image rendering

In the “tegra_multimedia_API /samples/ 08_video_dec_DRm” routine, the DRM image rendering is used, and the DRM is running with the desktop off.


  1. If I need to use openGL to overlay characters on the image displayed by DRM output, can I use openGL to overlay characters?

  2. We use FreeType to draw characters. Can we use it under the DRM image rendering architecture?


Not sure about this and please give it a try. You can get EGLImage by calling NvEGLImageFromFd(). And if the OpenGL APIs ca work with EGLImage, it should work fine.

CUDA postprocessing is verified in 08_video_dec_drm. The function calls in cuda_postprocess() in12_camera_v4l2_cuda can work fine if you port it to 08_video_dec_drm.

Not sure about this. If it it similar to Cairo, it should work.