Is it possible to create RGBA 10/12 bit EGL windows and frame buffers?


Is it possible to create a EGL window selecting ARGB2101010 or any other config 10bit frame buffer? I am querying the EGL configs and all of the available ones are 8 bit.

Is there an application that can do 10bit image rendering?


Hi theCuriousOne,

Could you paste how your EGL windows is created and how you query the info? Normally, EGL window is based on X11, which means it is based on your display.

The problem is our X11 driver does not support 10bit RGB yet. Thus, EGL may not able to get a ABRG2101010 window.

EGL with drm-kms may help you enable a 10bit framebuffer. You can try it since we support drm after rel-28.1.

Hi WayneWWW,

Thank you.
Is there a sample app that can do that?
Also looks like DRM/KMS is disabled by default when the kernel is build from the sources.


Hi theCuriousOne,

This may be a good start. Although it is not for L4T, the api is basically the same.

We also have DRM sample in MMAPI sample. Please take a look.

BTW, may I ask what is the purpose to use a framebuffer with 10/12bit? Our display driver not yet enabled such color depth support. As a result, you can only use these kind of depth in image processing. Display preview would not see the effect.

Hi WayneWWW,

The idea is to output 10bit images through HDMI.
If I can create a 10bit frame buffer and use wayland with the DRM/KMS would I not be able to output 10bit images from the HDMI that I process using OpenGL?

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Let’s do a quick check if X11 really cannot use 10bit depth.

Section "Screen"
Identifier    "Default Screen"
Monitor        "Configured Monitor"
Device        "Configured Video Device"
<b>DefaultDepth    30  </b>

If it work, /var/log/Xorg.0.log should show bpp info.

Is this issue kind of HDR?