Changing Z-buffer value

To begin with, I would like to apologize for my bad English, and also for asking for help on this forum, not being a developer. I ask for help here, because I could not be helped by any other forum.

I need to change the value of the Z-buffer (depth buffer) to 24 or 32 bits on the GTX760 graphics card, since I have the following problem: during the movement, I see flickering of textures in almost any game, to be more precise - flicker of textures of thin objects (fences, poles, etc.). Also I see flickering of the joints of textures.

In YouTube I found a video on which someone showed a similar problem, and it shows it well. Here it is:

No anti-aliasing settings and other settings do not solve this problem to me. After a long search, I finally found a few articles about similar problems and it was said that the problem is precisely the incorrect bit depth of this Z-buffer. Actually, the question is, how can I change it? In standard programs from Nvidia similar settings are not provided

I understand that this forum is for questions of a different kind, so I apologize once again for having asked this question here, but I simply have nowhere else to seek help except this place…

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It’s a general issue with lots of games.
Please Nvidia, find a solution, this is giving me headaches.