flickering black pixels with GTX 780 - Ubuntu12.04 Linux 3.5.0~37 Gnome 3.4.2

For a brief, random, second, at any point in time, I see black dots flicker across my screens(Dual).

How can I view the log for a problem such as this?

I would have thought my vision was decaying, if it weren’t for a friend who also pointed out the dots on my screen.

Any other GTX 780, ubuntu users, experience this?

Here’s a screenshot of the problem. I should also mention I’m using NVIDIA 319.32 driver.
redecated img.
Brand new desktop.

Edit: I have just recently installed the latest NVIDIA 325.15 driver released yesterday, I’m seeing a noticeable improvement. I don’t want to get my hopes up, if this is already completely fixed, I’m grateful and apologetic.

Edit 2: 5 hours later no sight of the issue. I’m noting here the bug is fixed. Thank you.