Occasional solid color flashing/flickering with GTX970 latest driver

Please help me my monitor flickers and making blob sounds on each flick. I’ve tried:

  1. Checking cords and placment of the card in motherboard slot.
  2. diffeent monitor.
  3. frsh install of the driver - just driver without psyxsoftware
  4. tried windows solution with going into safe mode and uninstal monitor adapter with driver. when reboot and do update thru windows.

none of those helped me. Please help.

Hi there @alexander.eismond, welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums.

Did you consider that the GPU might be faulty? Can you try it in a different PC?

From your description this could have lots of reasons, but first I would check the graphics card, just to be sure.

In general the GeForce forums are a better place to find help with end-user device issues, maybe you want to check there as well.