Screen Flickering on 535.86.05 x86_64-linux

I have a been experiencing screen flickering on my secondary display after updating to Nvidia driver version 535.86.05.

The last driver version I did not experience this on was 530.41.03.

It’s important to note that I have two G-Sync enabled displays. I recall another similar issue happening on Windows 11 with a previous driver version. In that case, a special patch was made to address the issue.


LG UltraGear - 27GL850-B (x2, G-Sync Enabled)


2080 Super


NixOS 23.05 (x86_64-linux)

We are aware of issue and team is actively working upon it.
We have already filed a bug 4164132 for tracking purpose.

Having Same issue:

ViewSonic VX2768-2KP x2 and VX2768-2KPC

All three monitors flicker

GeForce RTX 2060

Linux Mint 21.2 x86_64

Please refer to [REGRESSION] [535.54.03] The entire screen is frequently flickering · Issue #511 · NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules · GitHub