Multi GPU and Multi Display with 520 driver, one display frequently on&off

I am using Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. I have 2 RTX card with that one GPU connected with 2 DisplayPort and 1 HDMI, another with 2 DisplayPort only. All these 5 monitors are 4K. Among these two displays, one display is randomly doing on and off and that is really disturbing.

I have already the up-to-date GPU driver (Driver Version: 520.61.05 CUDA Version: 11.8). When I am switching back to Windows OS, with the same driver version and setup, the problem is gone.

I read in different forums that it might be a bug for Linux OS. If anyone has some suggestion about solving this issue, would very appreciate. I previously used 512 Driver version, there was no problem. Someone from NVidia also suggested me switched back to that version.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Please see my similar bug: V520 causes intermittent blanking on daisychained DP monitor, v515 ok

See if that is the same as yours. Trying to consolidate me-too bugs so maybe we can get some action on this. No one seems to care. Like you said, the flickering monitor is unusable.

Sounds like your setup is basically the same as mine, with the daisychained DP monitor being the only one flickering.