Chess on GPU fun

Does somebody have a Tesla or GeForce 8800 Ultra running under Windows XP 64?

I would like to see how fast my chess engine is running :)

I will have a machine with XP 64 and a 8800 GTX running by Thursday. I can try it for you if you want. The machine is a Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz, 4GB RAM.



Since you have 4GB of RAM, make sure that all your PCI devices are 64-bit capable. Otherwise you will lose RAM when the OS maps the 32-bit devices into the 32-bit memory-space.

COuld not avoid talking about this. So exciting to see 4GB of RAM…hmm…Mirrriinnddaaaa…

I have a system like that at my disposal.

GeForce 8800 Ultra - 8GB memory - 2x dual Xeon running under Windows XP 64.

I could try to benchmark your chess engine.

Great. Can I send you a exe?

I don’t know how big the .exe is but why not just attach it to your post? that way everybody can test it and you can calculate a standard deviation about it. or something like that so you can predict how fast it will run on some imaginary PC ;)

Hi, I love testing engines, but I don’t have a fancy graphics card–a 7600GT (I think it has to be 8 thousand series), Core 2 quad @3300mhz running XP pro x64. I was interested in making an engine that can utilize the incredible power of these graphics processors with CUDA.

I would be interested in any results you obtained. You were giving node count in nodes not kilonodes. Did you mean kn or nodes. The fastest engine I know is Deep Junior which does about 10,000KN/s on my hardware. Then there are about 4 or 5 that calculate about 4-6,000kn/s but the best engine only goes 4-500kn/s Rybka 2.3.2a so quality (knowledge) is a factor. (all node counts are for the opening phase)

Toga or Glaurung are the best open source engines. Strelka may be better, but it has a shady history and it is not easy to find the code.

Glaurung 2.0.1 64-bit on a quad is rated at 2940elo and Toga II 1.4 beta5c 2993elo If you can modify one of these to run 100 times faster it stands a good chance to win an online PAL/CSS Freestyle tournament. The prize fund is usually $16,000. Each speed doubling adds about 50-80 elo. With a 100x speed increase it would nominally be 350 elo better which should best the Rybka Quads/dualquads @ about 3100-3200 elo.

Can you use the engine to play other engines as a uci or winboard engine? Do you have any results you could post?