For Cuda which is Faster ?


For Cuda which is Faster/better to get ?

8800GTX or Quadro FX 4600 ?

Also is their a differnece between 8800GTX & 8800Ultra for Cuda ?

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Just compare number of multiprocessors and their clock frequency.
Both 8800GTX and Ultra have 16 multiprocessors but Ultra is clocked higher (1500MHz vs. 1350MHz for GTX). So, Ultra will be a bit faster for kernels where calculation is the bottleneck.


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But what about compared to Quadro FX 4600 ? Which is faster/better for CUDA ?

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I can’t find specs for FX4600 on NVIDIA website. I suppose there are 16 multiprocessor clocked at 1500 MHz (as Ultra), but I’m not sure.

Anyway, I don’t see the point of getting Quadro for CUDA (unless you need a lot of memory, in which case FX5600 may be a good choice). High-end GeForce boards provide same performance and are much cheaper.

Appendix A in the programming manual shows that the FX4600 only has 12 multiprocessors

Yes, the FX4600 has the computational power of the 8800 GTS (96 processors) but the memory of a GTX (768 MB).

Quadro does have advantages in terms of additional graphics features and improved reliability (since they are manufactured and tested by NVIDIA).