difference between Quadro4600 and G80? maybe not proper to post here

Hi, it’s said Quadro4600 uses PCB of 8800, what’s the difference? Could anyone point to some materials (ppt, webpage, pdf…) about Quadro at Mar.7th ?

I could be wrong but the quadro 4600 we have is basically a geforce 8800GTS with 768MB. I.e it only has 96 shaders but has 768 MB of RAM and is clocked at the GTS speed. So it is like 8800GTS with a bit more ram. Performance wise in cuda i found the GTX cards to be faster. The quadro 5600 is more like a GTX card i.e. 128 shader units with 1.5GB of RAM slightly underclocked but the memory seems to run a lot slower the the GTX cards. Hope this helps


In the latest version of the Programming Guide (0.8.1), in Chapter 5 there is a table that compares the GeForce 8800 and Quadro FX 5/4600 (number of multiprocessors, clock. memory).

There are also other differences that are important for some users:
the Quadro line has a 3 years warranty and is tested for professional use.