Choice of GTX280 cards?

Newegg lists quite a few GTX 280 cards from different vendors: EVGA, Gigabyte, BFG, XFX, ASUS, MSI, PNY, etc.

Anyone have a recommendation (or horror story) on which to choose? Or even, what to look for? I’m a bit of a graphics card newbie.

I’ll be using the GTX280 with RedHat linux, probably on a Dell machine, if it makes a difference.

Sorry if this is a FAQ – I tried the forum search, but it appears to be overloaded/broken at the moment.


Some ( have had issues running CUDA on factory overclocked GTX 280’s. This matches issues I’ve had running on overclocked 8800 GT’s. YMMV, but I would advice against any of the factory overclocked versions.

As for a brand, choose your favorite. My choice is usually EVGA because they offer a lifetime warranty (if you register the card soon after buying it) and I’ve never had a bad GPU from them (though I have had a bad MB from EVGA).

Many of the brands actually manufacture the exact same board (the NVIDIA “reference design”), so it doesn’t make much of a difference which you buy. Check review websites: they usually make a comment as to whether a particular board is based on the reference design or not.