New CUDA developer, buying GTX 2xx, which maker to buy?


I am new CUDA developer, and want to purchase a GTX 275 or 285, and I’m wondering
what differences there are, if any between the different vendors/board makers?

Does anyone have any recommendations for CUDA developers?

thanks, Cameron

i have EVGA video card,

the materials are really good quality and they offer guarantee and technical support, also overclocking software made by them.

I also second the EVGA recommendation, but stay away from the overclocked cards and software for CUDA. :)

I don’t think that developper needs overclocking. After all, you need a guarantee that your program will run correctly. Otherwise you may end up chaicing bugs in your code which are not there…
Buying faster card or overclocking it won’t make your program run faster on the end user’s machine :)
That is why I use cheaper GTX 260 instead…

I am using EVGA GTX 295 cards and I am happy with them.

Probably the cards from other manufacturers are also good, but I liked EVGA for the 90 day step up program.

Probably I am too optimistic but if Fermi arrives for Christmas I may be able to get some new cards without losing the previous investment.

BTW, the overclocking software doesn’t work in Linux.

If you are desperate to overclock under linux, add

Option		 "Coolbits" "1"

to the device section of your xorg.conf and the nvidia-settings panel will unlock core and ram clock controls that can be used for over and underclocking.