Clarification about admin edits to users'posts


I’ve seen that some of my posts have been edited and added some admin tags such as:

<a target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'   href='some_link'>This may be a link</a>

Can someone explain what noopener and noreferrer tags do ?

In case my posts were not correct, wouldn’t it have been fair to mention me as well ?

Can you please provide some links? I can take a look and see who made the edits.


I have seen a few ones. For example, check my first post here (edited 2 days ago for giving correct links, check initial post in raw mode):

Please answer the question: what do these tags ?

Hi HP,

The only edits done were by you. This might be something added by the platform. I need to spend some time looking into this.


Hi Tom,

Yes, only edits I can see were made by me.
Though, I’ve seen some edits from NVIDIA people not being logged.
I’m sure I haven’t added these tags by myself.

Might I expect to get one day an answer to this legitimate question. What do these tags do ?

Hope you’ll find some time for this.

BTW, it gets very boring to have to classify images for NVIDIA in order to log in. Today, I have had to classify more than 3 batches, despite I was trying to get the right class for each. Very annoying from a user point of view.

Best regards,

Hi HP,

Sorry for the delay in responding, this one slipped through the cracks.
I reached out to the vendor, and here is their response.

Those attributes are added by Discourse when it processes the raw content of posts. The purpose of rel=“nofollow noopener” is to prevent tabnabbing when links are set to open in a new tab. Discourse parses the post’s raw text. If it finds a link with the target="_blank" attribute, it adds the rel="noopener" attribute.

You can get more info here: About rel=noopener . Discourse also implements a javascript fix to prevent tabnabbing issues. This is done to prevent tabnabbing on browsers that don’t support noopener .emphasized text

Regarding the CAPTCHA at login, this is part of the company SSO, and is not controlled at the forum level. Note, that I have shared your feedback with the team for consideration in future updates.


Thanks Tom for the answer. Not sure why some of my posts got this target="_blank" attribute, let’s say it was in first days of discourse forum software.

About the captcha, I’ve just found that zooming in my browser the images are much more easy to classify (I’m using UWHD monitor with 3440x1440 resolution and with Firefox without zoom images are just like post stamps).

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