clock control outside of X


I’ve got a box running openSuse 11.1 64-bit with 3 superclocked GTX285’s. One of them gives me an occasional error, and I would like to try lowering the clock speed to see if it’s related to the factory superclock. But I need to do this outside of X/coolbits as the machine runs X on the onboard video. How can I accomplish this?


nvclock might be your best bet, although I don’t know whether it works for clocks with GT200 cards. Fan speed control works on all the cards I have access to. You will need to run nvidia-smi in daemon mode to stop the driver from getting unloaded and any settings you add being lost.

I tried nvclock and it doesn’t work, as suspected. It encourages me to use coolbits in X.

Just a wild idea, but have you tried nvidia-settings from the command line with nvidia-smi active in daemon mode? You can, theoretically at least, set overclocking and the 2D and 3D clocks from the command line. It might work…