Cloning image from TX2 to Nano

Hi team,
I want to copy my TX2 image to Jetson Nano through SD card to see what will be the performance, is it possible? or due to the fact that this is a different device i will need to start from beginning?
Can you elaborate on this?

It would be difficult. The base rootfs is now the same, but some additional Nvidia packages are device specific and optimized for a particular SOC.

if you look at:

you will see these two lines:

deb r32 main
deb<SOC> r32 main

The first apt repo is common to all Tegra platforms. The second, is SOC specific and set on first boot. If you removed all packages from the second repo, copied the rootfs, modified the source, and then re-installed the packages you removed, it might work, but that’s probably a lot more work than just starting from scratch and maybe making a script to automate the process of installing your necessary dependencies as you go. It’s probably useful to have an installer for whatever app you’re creating anyway.