[closed]nppiRemap_8u_C2R needed


nppiRemap_8u_C3R function with RGB pixels works fine.
But i want work with YUYV 2byte pixels without YUV2RGB convertion.
So i think nppiRemap_8u_C2R function will do it. But npp has’t this function.
How i can solve it?
May be it is possible to write CUDA kernel(.cu) remap function?

Please help me.
Best regards, Viktor.

I have tried nppiRemap_16u_C1R and same malloc, then i have faster remap than rgb, but output YUV image has true pixel remapped positions and bad color. Like grayscale with artefacts. Some yuyv component lost.

I have ubderstood that 4bytes YUYV not possible to remap correctly, because they depends on 2bytes RGB.
So i use nppiYUV2RGB*** function with fast pinned pointers and work with RGB data.