Cluster Switching

Under sudo jetson_clocks --show, I saw that there is CPU Cluster Switching: Disabled. What is this option and how would you enable it if you want it?

hello warpstar22,

please refer to developer guide, you may check Idle Management with cpuidle for the details of modification.

Thanks JerryChang. What is the <top> in <top>/kernel/kernel-4.9/Documentation/cpuidle/? I can’t seem to find the documentation.

hello warpstar22,

please access L4T sources via download center for the package of public release sources.
<top> means the default extracted path,
for example, you’ll find the kernel-4.9 documentation as below.

So I see that all of the cluster states (CC1, CC4, CC6, CC7) are not supported on the Jetson Nano. Does that mean CPU Cluster Switching can never be enabled?

Nano has only 4 cpus in single cluster. there is no bug little combination.
Clusters are for T186 and T194 chips.