Cmake project with PhysX


I am trying to create a CMake file for a personal PhysX project (school-related). I was wondering if someone could tell me the order in which the PhysX libraries need to be statically linked. I can compile and link the libraries without issue, but I get a number of ‘undefined symbol’ errors due to the fact that the static linking order is incorrect. I had to fix the same issue when I created a netbeans project. But I can’t use --start-group and --end-group in cmake (that I am aware of). Does anyone have any assistance they can offer? Thanks

Just a quick explanation of my usage of PhysX. I’m using PhysX in a shared library that get loaded at runtime. I tried every imaginable combination and was successful at getting the shared object build at loaded correctly. However, even with that I had issues with missing symbols whenever I tried to start a PVD connection. The only thing that was able to resolve all link errors in --start-group, --end-group like you alluded to. I would assume that CMake must have some way to specify compiler and linker flags, so I would dig into the CMake documentation to see how this could be done. Sorry I couldn’t offer more help but I’m not thoroughly familiar with CMake.