Command line tools for Visual Studios edition of Nsight?


In the description for Nsight Visual Studios edition here (, it describes “Visual and command line interfaces to collect counters, statistics, and derived values for specified CUDA kernel launches”.

However, I cannot seem to find any directions or documentation for a CLI for Nsight Visual Studios. Does such a Visual Studios NSight CLI exist, and if so, is there a resource for learning how to use it?

Thank you for your time!

Details about the Nsight Compute CLI can be found here:

NsightVSE uses the same CLI, just a different launcher UI.

The NsightVSE install of nv-nsight-cu-cli.exe can be found here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\Nsight Visual Studio Edition 6.0\Monitor\Common\CommandlineProfiler\target\windows-desktop-win7-x64\nv-nsight-cu-cli.exe