Introducing NVIDIA Nsight Integration 2020.1

NVIDIA Nsight Integration (highlighted) under the Nsight menu

We are pleased to introduce NVIDIA Nsight Integration, a Visual Studio extension that allows you to access the power of the following NVIDIA Nsight standalone tools from within Visual Studio, providing an improved development workflow.

Once NVIDIA Nsight Integration is added to Visual Studio, you can quickly launch activities from the Nsight family of tools within your development environment. This new Visual Studio extension allows Nsight tools to present activities in Visual Studio, under the Nsight menu. Activities are then launched in the standalone Nsight tool from the Visual Studio project, with expected paths and command line arguments.

NVIDIA Nsight Integration complements Nsight Visual Studio Edition and provides access to NVIDIA’s next-generation graphics frame debugging, profiling, and system timeline analysis tools from within Visual Studio.


  • Nsight standalone tools activity commands are now under the ‘Nsight’ menu, for quick access from within Visual Studio.
  • When launched, Nsight standalone tool activities are auto-populated with Visual Studio project setting, providing an improved development workflow.
  • Key bindings provide quick launching of activities.
  • Visibility control options also you to individually hide and show the Nsight tools that you’ve installed.
  • Available for use on Visual Studio 2019, 2017, and 2015.

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NVIDIA Nsight Integration is freely offered through the Microsoft Visual Studio Marketplace