NSight supports Visual Studio 2015, but Cuda Toolkit does not?

It was recently announced that NSight now supports Visual Studio 2015, and that seems to be correct. However, installing the latest version I can find of the Cuda Toolkit (7.5), it still does not seem to support VS 2015.

How can this make any sense? What use it is to have NSight support in Visual Studio 2015 if you can’t open or create Cuda projects?

Am I misunderstanding something or is this as nonsensical as it seems?

nsight has other uses besides as a CUDA development environment.

In fact nsight existed as a graphics development tool/environment before CUDA existed (i.e. before 2007).

If you review the documentation for nsight, you’ll discover some of its other uses besides as a CUDA development environment.

But are there any unofficial workarounds to compile with Visual Studio 2015?

Thanks for your answer txbob.
I did not know that NSight could be used as a graphics development tool. Is this also true about the Visual Studio integration? In that case, I see that my question was a bit misguided.

Unfortunately, I am only interested in NSight as a CUDA development environment and therefore NSight support for VS 2015 is of no use to me as long as the CUDA development kit doesn’t support VS 2015. Do you know when this support will be available. (Currently I am working on a project that is on VS 2015 and I am forced to work on a branch with an earlier version of VS to do the CUDA part of my work. Very unsatisfactory.)

I don’t understand the first question. Nsight VSE has no meaning outside of Visual Studio Integration. it is not a stand alone tool. it only works as a plug-in to Visual Studio. As you’ve discovered, CUDA integration with Visual Studio is separate from Nsight integration with Visual Studio.

I don’t know the answer to the second question, and even if I did, it’s not permitted for me to discuss future product plans in these forums. In general, I wouldn’t expect NVIDIA to answer questions about future product plans, or schedules, on these forums, if such plans have not already been published elsewhere.

The first question was in case you were talking about the Eclipse Edition.

I am sorry to hear that you don’t know or are allowed to discuss the second question. I guess I will just have to hope that it will happen soon.