Nsight on Windows without paid version of Visual Studio

Hi All,

Are there any options of us who only have Express edition of Visual Studio to run Nsight?

Eclipse version is not available in CUDA 5 toolkit for Windows, and the only VS supported are 2008 Standard or 2010 Pro.

Thank you in advance.

Is there any answer to this? And do I actually need NSight to get started?

I installed VS-2010 Express, CUDA-5.0 Tool Kit, and have the Nsight-3.0, but it won’t install with only VS-express. I’m trying to get started with CUDA programming and not really sure where to begin. Insight on NSight appreciated.

You don’t need Nsight to write CUDA code, it just makes it nicer. With that said, if you’re stuck on windows, the only supported host-compiler is still Visual C++ 9.0/10.0. (see http://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-toolkit-release-notes/index.html#supported-operating-systems for a list of supported compilers based on operating system).

With that said, I would also be interested to hear about what the status is of using nsight with the VS express editions, since MSVC is all that’s available for windows. Also, is there any word on adding support for ICC on windows?

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Thank you for the answer and link! Agree: NSight for ‘VS Express’ or a Eclipse Edition on Windows would lower the barrier to entry. My limitation is that my Win7 box grew a Kepler GPU and the Solaris box did not; can’t have everything in life. :P

I would like to see an express version of NSight too. But for the time being why can’t you install a Linux OS like Ubuntu on your Win7 machine?