Installing NVIDIA/CUDA on Windows 10 problem

I just installed NVIDIA CUDA package on a new windows 10 computer. When CUDA was installing it complained that I do not have MS Studio installed. Which is correct. And it gave me an option to continue presumably installing the Eclipse version.

I can see the icon NVIDIA Nsight HUD Launcher on the desktop. When I click that it will open a window which say do you want to debug or launch. If I click launch the window closes and nothing happens.
Questions 1. Can CUDA/Eclipse be installed if MS studio is not.
Question 2. How do I start the CUDA/Eclipse.
Question 3. What is the name of the CUDA/Eclipse executable so maybe I can start it from command line. Thanks for any help

No, Eclipse is not supported on windows. The only programming environment supported is MS Visual Studio.

Refer to the system requirements in the install guide: