Free Windows setup

I’m looking to install CUDA on my home machine to learn some parallel programming. It uses Windows 7 64b. I’ve verified it has a CUDA compatible Nvidia chip (Geforce GT 390). But I’ve not been successful with the install. First try, sorry you need to install Visual Studio. Download latest VS. Sorry this requires IE 10. Download that. Complete VS install. Try CUDA again. Sorry only VS 8/10/12 supported. Uninstall 13, and install earlier one. Sorry compatible VS version not found, Express not supported. Although online discussions seem to indicate Express is workable option. I also see that Nsight uses Eclipse and that is available on Windows as well as other platforms, but does not seem to be option for Nsight. I’ve also used cygwin in the past although my home desktop doesn’t have a programming environment currently. Can someone please tell me whether a free CUDA installation is possible on my system, and if so, what I should download. This is getting pretty frustrating.

You can freely download the full versions of VS2012 Pro (works under CUDA 5.5) or VS2010 Pro (works under CUDA 5.5, 5.0) from if you have an .edu address or ISIC card.

VS Express can be a workable option, but it is a pain to set up everything correctly, which is why I recommend the above.

Thanks. But I’m not a student. Guess pain will be involved.

Okay, I’ve got Windows 7 with Eclipse C/C++ environment working okay. Can I interface with CUDA from that? Which CUDA kit should I download, and what PATH and other settings would be required?

By the way Eclipse is using cygwin for C/C++ compile.

What if I just want command line operation, nvcc and emacs basically? Is that simple?