Visual Studio 2012?

Even the latest NSight doesn’t seem to support VS2012, which has been in various betas for a year and released for two months now. Is there some trick to fooling NSight (2.2 or 3) into playing nicely with VS2012?

Not waht I know. The current Nsight 3.0 only support VS2008 and 2010 as told.

That is really disappointing. VS 2012 has been available as developer preview than beta and then RC for ages and is now productive for quite some time, yet NVIDIA is producing a new major version of nsight and there is no support for CUDA debugging in VS 2012?? I mean what is the point in crating a new major version of a product and not support the current development environment in it?

So my question to NVidia would be… why? Surely it’s in their clear interest to support VS2012? Developers will move to VS2012 as soon as they can (if they haven’t already) - Microsoft offers an alternative route to GPGPU computing which makes it easier to target Radeon or NVidia cards - if I were NVidia I’d be keen to protect my user base…

Guess you are moving too fast. I am still useing VS 2008 with Nsight 3.0, have problems pending on support.

Nsight Visual Studio 2012 support will come with the next version that is scheduled for Q2’13.
One big reason for not supporting VS2012 is that the CUDA 5.0 toolkit doesn’t support the new toolchain. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I should mention that the next release candidate of Nsight 3.0 will support C++ AMP debugging in VS2012 (but no other Graphics or CUDA features will be supported)

Does the new Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 3.0 Release Candidate 2 still not support VS2012?

No. Nsight 3.0 RC2 has no support for VS2012. As the upper reply, VS2012 support is scheduled for Q2’13.


I just wanted to add my vote to the VS2012 support. Thanks

Does anyone have an ETA on this? I’m starting a new project that will involve CUDA programming in visual studio, and am used to using 2012 now (I’m a professional C# programmer). Do I need to revert to 2010? And is 2010 Express supported? In the Nsight release notes online it claimed the only version of 2010 supported was Professional, which would be a real buzzkill.


I’d like to reiterate again the best estimate we can give right now is Q2’2013 for Visual Studio 2012 support. We are working hard on it. Sorry for the inconvenience. I have locked the thread.