Visual Studio 2013 and Nsight

As new Visual Studio is just around the corner I’m going to ask it now - how about the compatibility of the Nsight in it? Should it work just out-of-the-box or maybe there’s some work to be done from the Nvidia guys? If so, when can wesee it happen an be able to use Nsight in VS2013?

I have the same question/request to NVIDIA. I really hope this time Nsight integration with the new VS will not take until the next one is about to be launched… ;-)

Just downloading VS 2013 through MSDN - in (the unlikely) case it works right away I will post an update.


It will not work out right out of the box as there are certain registrations that need to happen.
We plan to support VS 2013 very soon.

Good to know about that @rafi! :-) Sooner than better. As VS2013 is comming out next month it would be nice to get NSight working ASAP. I hope that needed registrations will be quickly done. We really do need your software here ;-)

Any updates on this issue? Visual Studio had have its’ release recently, lots of people look forward to changing for it because of all improvement made by Microsoft. Can anyone give an approximate date when new NSight may be available? (at least at some beta release)

Hi, I am about to setup a PC for a new engineer.
I am struggling about which version of VS to install. Since I set up Windows 8.1 I would ideally like to install VS 2013, in order to not mix too many SDKs ;)
However, NSight is not compatible with VS 2013 yet.
I am happy to wait, however, it would help me if I could have a rough deadline for VS2013 support.
Are you able to give any rough estimate ?
Thanks a lot :)

Hi gjeagy,

We are aiming at first beta releases of Nsight Visual Studio Edition with VS2013 support around mid-february… I hope you can handle the wait. Thanks

Thanks for the answer Sdomine !

It’s great to hear that something going in that direction! We are looking forward to testing it, even in the beta release, as VS2013 is great.

I look forward to the release, any updated ETA?


We are wrapping up on the upcoming release to go into release candidate mode very very soon. Are you doing CUDA or graphics?


I’m very interested in doing CUDA stuff in VS 2013 and I hope that the release candidate or beta will be released soon!

I’m doing graphics.

So what exactly is very very soon? Should I assume this app doesn’t get much support from NVIDIA considering it took 4+ months to get a release candidate? Should I just find something else to use? I was going to use this strictly because an not-yet-released book was going to use this software but I may have to re-think that.


CUDA 6.0 Release Candidate is now available at . The Nsight build that is bundled in that toolkit, has support for VS 2013.
Nsight will have Release Candidate builds available separately from the CUDA toolkit very soon as well.


For those doing CUDA: note that the CUDA compiler does not support VS 2013, however, Nsight does. What that means is that you can host your project and do your debugging/profiling/trace in VS 2013, but your CUDA project would need to build with any of the pre-VS 2013 toolset.


Is there a release date for a version with CUDA compiler support for VS 2013?

I am asking this, because I have a customer that wants to migrate to Visual Studio 2013. He is currently using VS 2008. The customer has about 30 regular C++ developers and 2 CUDA developers. The code is mixed, the CUDA project uses classes from the non-CUDA projects. I have to tell them “sorry guys, you can’t use C++ 11 and VS 2013 because of NVIDIA”. This will bring some tension into the project. And it is CUDA and NVIDIA that will be blaimed. So i need a date for the project manager, when VS 2013 will be fully supported.

I guess people will move to C++ AMP if NVIDIA does not support the latest technology.

Sorry, but having no CUDA Toolkit for the VS2013 compiler sucks :-(
When will this be released?
…I think I’m gonna read a “very soon” now…

Totally agree. This is a must!!

when are we getting full vs2013 cuda support? I’m getting tired of the wait…

We are already switching to C++ AMP because it has a great Integration into the Visual Studio IDE in the latest Versions with every release.
We are tired of waiting a year or so for an Adaptation after a new Visual Studio Version is released.
That is too Long…