Visual Studio 2012?

Does Nsight Visual Studio Edition 3.0 final support Visual Studio 2012?

I’m affraid it is not supported. Check this site: and search for sw reqs.

As mentioned in another topic Nsight will see support for Visual Studio 2012 starting Q2 2013.

Please see the Knowledge base entry:


Thanks for the quick response. I am disappointed that Visual Studio 2012 support is taking such a long time to achieve. But, since the end of Q2, 2013 is now only 48 days away, it seems that I won’t have to wait very much longer. But I do wonder how much confidence you have in meeting this target.

So code that works in Visual Studio 2010 and Nsight will fail in Visual Studio 2012? If true, that is a pity.

It won’t fail per se, but you won’t be able to debug it with the current version of Nsight.

Can I ask, when is NSight 3.1 going to be available – I understand from this link ( that it includes support for VS2012 which I am interested in. Cheers.

Hi, is Nsight 3.1 out? If not, when should I check back?

We don’t have an exact date yet.

An approximate date will do fine! :D

Still Q2ish? Or later this year?

If Visual Studio 2012 is not supported and its not possible to still buy the correct 2008 or 2010 versions is there any chance that the Eclipse version of NSight can be made available to Windows developers ?


There are no plans to make Nsight Eclipse edition available on Windows.
Nsight Visual Studio Edition supporting VS 2012 will be available very soon.

how soon is very soon?
our whole company depends heavily on VS2012 support of nsight!!!

Hi emzic, what are you trying to do with Nsight, is it CUDA, DX, GL or a combination?

Hi Emzic,

We are currently aiming at an RC release by the end of July for VS2012 support in Nsight.

it is DX11 actually via the .NET binding sharpDX.

thanks, that is good to hear. so that means by the end of this week? :D

Note that we are currently in June, not July :-)

Well, it wasn’t Q2, 2013 and I see we now have a Visual Studio 2013 preview available before Nvidia have even got around to supporting Visual Studio 2012. It is very disappointing that Visual Studio support has such a low priority with no support more than 10 months after its release.