NSight and Matlab 2013R (lack of) support of Visual Studio 2012

I read in a previous thread that Visual Studio 2012 support will come in the second quarter.
I was just wondering, however, if this is has a causative-causation relationship with the support of Matlab’s support of VS 2012 which is promised to happen in the same timeframe - (I am currently running the (pre)release of 2013R).

My major concern is that I am making use of the asynchronous extensions in C# v5 which is included in 4.5 visual studio 2012, that rest on the futures abstraction, for event-driven, “transactions”. If we cannot use VS 2012, then we will have to downgrade to VS 2010 and attempt to try to work with the Asynchronous Extensions CTP from 2011, which is not a good choice really, given the improvements since for such a critical component of the development as the “core” of the system will be in C#.

Second quarter means any day from 1st of April to 30th of June. Which may be fine if there is no relation between the two products. If however, the Mathworks team, expect the Nsight’s VS2012-compatible release in order to produce theirs… then it may be too late :(

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

An update: I just installed the 2013R version of Matlab that appears to be compatible with Visual Studio 2012 (one can check his kit by running the instruction: tf = NET.isNETSupported ). So, it appears that all it remains is to have Nsight support Visual Studio 2012 too.

It’s an issue of officially supporting VS 2012’s build system in the CUDA SDK. As for Matlab, their development isn’t affected by Nsight as far as I know.

Thank you for your response Jeff. My concern was the following. Thanks to Matlab’s support of .net 4.5 (VS 2012) I can proceed with my general purpose initial development using their toolkits. However, it is expected that as soon as I stop experimenting and will need to optimise the code I may need to implement directly in CUDA (at least part of the code). The fear was that since nvidia was to release a vs 2012 version Nsight late, so maybe Mathworks was to delay the .net 4.5 compatible implementation too, even for their overall VS 2012 compatibility effort. Obviously, this is not the case.
btw is there a new estimate for the time of the release of vs 2012-compatible nsight?

We’re looking at Q2 2013 for a VS 2012 compatible release, although that support is bound by the CUDA SDK’s VS 2012 support.