No option to create CUDA program on VS 2015 with Nsight 5.0

I have the 7.5 toolkit, Nsight v5.0 RC1, and the 355.82 driver on a Windows 7, 64-bit machine with Visual Studio Community 2015. I see no template option in VS 2015 to create an Nvidia CUDA project when I go to “New Project”. I have the option in VS 2013 Professional and VS 2010 Professional and it works fine. Any Ideas?


Hi David,

VS 2015 is not supported by the latest CUDA 7.5 Production release yet. It’s being considered to be supported officially in the next CUDA release(that following of CUDA 7.5). Sorry for any inconvenience.

I have the same problem.I have installed the Nsight5.0,but there is still no option for creating the new CUDA project.In the introduction of the Nsight5.0,the Nsight5.0 is supported for the VS2015.What should I do to configure the tools?