compile kernel error

when i compile the kernel, l4t3.2 :

In file included from …/drivers/gpu/…/…/…/nvgpu/drivers/gpu/nvgpu/gm20b/acr_gm20b.c:22:0:
…/include/linux/platform/tegra/mc.h:28:47: fatal error: linux/platform/tegra/mc-regs-t18x.h: No such file or directory

indeed , i seach the file in the kernel dir, it has not

Please make sure you download the full kernel source code and follow the steps to build kernel image in L4T document.

The driver package has a script “”. You might want to download like this (I’m assuming R28.2):

./ -k tegra-l4t-r28.2

…this version has the file.