Compiler error with cufft variable operator * doesn't compile

Hi, I updated my Cuda toolkit to v4.1 today, and I have a compiler error with previously working code.
error: calling a host function(“operator *”) from a device/__global function("…") is not allowed.

The compiler thinks I’m trying to call a host function, which I’m not.
My usage is like this:

#include “cufft.h”
global void mykernel (cufftComplex* A) {
int i = blockIdx.x * blockDim.x + threadIdx.x;
cufftComplex B;
A[i] = A[i] * B;

The error is with the multiplication operator on the line “A[i] = A[i] * B;”. It’s as if the operator * has not been overloaded correctly.
Any idea of what’s going on?
Yes, I included cufft.lib. Yes, the compiler finds the cufft library correctly. Yes, I