Compiling & running CUDA 11.1 samples with HPC-SDK 20.11


I want to use nvfortran, found only the HPC-SDK but also use some examples from CUDA toolkit samples. HPC-SDK does not have a rich set of examples like the CUDA Toolkit.

I’m on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, kernel 5.10.7, & running on a GTX-1070Ti. Have installed HPC SDK 20.11 bundled with CUDA 11.1. But all the CUDA samples missing. I took the samples from CUDA Toolkit 11.1.
I had to update all the makefiles & install a few extra tools.

Some advanced examples (7_CUDA Libraries) from the CUDA toolkit can’t compile without NPP. There’s no apparent way to install standalone NPP when using HPC-SDK. It’s bundled with the CUDA Toolkit.

Can one use HPC SDK with an additionally installed CUDA toolkit that includes the NPP? Or any suggestions to install NPP? I’d be grateful for any help…
Thank you!