Nvfortran not included in latest HPC SDK

I tried installing HPC SDK on ubuntu 20.04. I couldn’t find the nvfortran binary anywhere. I have cuda installed and I can compile all the sample codes in the toolkit. After verifying that, I installed HPC SDK. How can I find the install location of nvfortran? find / --name “nvfortran” doesn’t return anything.

I found the install location to be in the hpc_install_path=/opt/nvidia/hpc_sdk/Linux_x86_64/2020/compilers/bin

I’ve managed to get the makefile working on my machine. for anyone who is trying out the cuda fortran compiler, here’s a link to my github Fortran Github

Debugging is a challenge though. I would really like to see a visual studio code extension for Fortran that includes .cuf files. All the extensions are geared towards Modern Fortran. I couldn’t debug using gdb or cuda-gdb using visual studio code. However you can debug .cu files using vs code easily. We need better fortran support, hopefully from nvidia.

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Agreed, the debugging part is one of the reasons I chose OpenACC over CUDA Fortran for my application…

I’ve also been unable to find any nvfortran binaries shipped with either cuda-toolkit 10.2 or 11.2. Running "find / -name “nvfortran” " gets me nothing. I would expect it to be in the same bin directory as nvcc, but there seems to be no mention at all of nvfortran.

Is there something I’m missing?

You need to download hpc_sdk not the cudatoolkit to get nvfortran.

Download the current release at NVIDIA HPC SDK 21.7 Downloads | NVIDIA Developer

Hi mfatica,

Thanks for the info and quick response. It’s now working!