Nvfortran not included in latest HPC SDK

I tried installing HPC SDK on ubuntu 20.04. I couldn’t find the nvfortran binary anywhere. I have cuda installed and I can compile all the sample codes in the toolkit. After verifying that, I installed HPC SDK. How can I find the install location of nvfortran? find / --name “nvfortran” doesn’t return anything.

I found the install location to be in the hpc_install_path=/opt/nvidia/hpc_sdk/Linux_x86_64/2020/compilers/bin

I’ve managed to get the makefile working on my machine. for anyone who is trying out the cuda fortran compiler, here’s a link to my github Fortran Github

Debugging is a challenge though. I would really like to see a visual studio code extension for Fortran that includes .cuf files. All the extensions are geared towards Modern Fortran. I couldn’t debug using gdb or cuda-gdb using visual studio code. However you can debug .cu files using vs code easily. We need better fortran support, hopefully from nvidia.

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Agreed, the debugging part is one of the reasons I chose OpenACC over CUDA Fortran for my application…