Compiling with -lcuda - without driver?

Yes, you’ve seen the problem before:

The general answer seems to be to download a driver which contains

Here’s my problem: I don’t have a CUDA-capable card. I’m building apps for a BOINC project for others to run. I might get one in the future, but even if I did, I’d have to build on a 32-bit Ubuntu 9.04 VM which couldn’t see it.

So can I get from somewhere else? Can I download some driver (which one?) but not fully install it?

FYI, the only reason I need is to run the BOINC CUDA initialization snippet here. If I can’t, I guess I’ll go back to my sleeping memcpy function, which has worked OK so far but isn’t perfect like the driver.

It’s possible to extract the files from nvidia’s installer instead of installing the driver.


sh -x