Connect Multiple Devices to GPIO on Jetson Nano

I am wondering if there is a way to connect multiple devices that use pins 1 to 6 to connect via i2c port. I am trying to connect Arducam camera expansion board, Adafruit Servo Controller, and PiOlED to the same GPIO using 40-pin GPIO 1 to 2 expansion board.

The camera expansion board uses the following GPIO ports: 7, 11, 12, 16, 21, 22, and I am trying to control those using Jetson.GPIO. PiOLED and Servo controller use #1-#6 GPIO pins, so there should not be any conflict. However, I cant seem to make all those work at the same time. Could this be due to limited power availability on Jetson Nano?

PiOLED does not work at all, so I wonder if I would have to replace it, and servo controller worked at first then returned I/O error upon restart. I generally have to unplug pioled and servo controller for camera to work, and vice versa.

I would appreciate any insights on this matter.

It sounds that there is power requirement on your usecase. Could you elaborate how many devices running simultaneously and which pin are they using as a table?

I have three devices running simultaneously, i.e. PiOLED, Adafruit motor featherwing, Arducam camera multiplexer.

I have three devices running simultaneously.

  1. 128x32 OLED display (6-pin header) connected to the first 6-pins of the 40-pin expansion header on Nano.
  • Needs 3v3 power
  • Uses 2 GPIOs
  • Communication over I2C
  • Connected to 1 and 6 on Nano for power, and 3 and 5 for I2C
  1. Adafruit stepper featherwing Add-on to drive 4 x brushed DC motors.
  • Needs 5-12V DC power + ground
  • Uses 2 GPIOs
  • Communication over I2C
  • Connected to 4 and 6 on Nano for power, and 3 and 5 for I2C

I have been able to successfully run the above two devices, however problem occurs when I try to connect a third device as follows

  1. Multi-Camera Adapter Board V2.1 (26-pin header)
  • Used to attach multiple cameras in a sequential manner.
  • Uses 3 GPIOs
  • Connected to 1 and 6 for power, and 7, 11, 12 for communication
  • Pins 3 and 5 for SDA and SCL, respectively