Nano connectivity to DC motors

Hi, I am trying to use my Nano to control some DC motors (at least 2, 4 ideally), several servo motors, two cameras, and a rangefinder. At least, that is the ultimate goal. I am a newbie to robotics and am wondering about voltages and how to control the motors from the Jetson. If I power the larger DC motors via a separate lipo battery, and then provide the Nano with a 5V power source, will it be able to operate the servos, cameras, etc without overloading?

Also, I am hoping to connect and control the larger motors via this control board (same one used in Jetbot):

I think that control board then connects to the Nano via I2C. My second question is, would I then also be able to use another control board for the servos, also via I2C? Would I even need to do this, or could I also control the servos and the rangefinder via the control board I linked above?

Hi, if external devices are power separately and only control interface between nano and devices, that is OK to nano. For more interface, such as I2C, design guide, please refer to nano product design guide in DLC.