Any development tools available for Nano Jetson to control large dc motors?


To start please excuse my naivete. I am developing a system to run a 1/3 hp DC motor that will go at variable speeds in both directions that can be remotely controlled. I will add AI to the system in the future as well as robotics.

At this time I am trying to determine if a Nano Jetson can power a large DC motor and if so what hardware should I use as well is there any existing programming already available for me to download and use as a place to start with the Nano Jetson.

I see YouTube videos ( that run small motors but am unclear if I can simply upgrade the motor driver and motor to the size I need for my system.

I would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer.

Thank you!

It depends on the motor type you want to use. There are some GPIO and PWM pins on jetson nano that can be used as control signals to motor.

I am using a Dayton 1/3 HP DC permanent magnet motor.

Not sure about that, you’d better to check with vendor. Regarding interface design of nano, please refer to OEM Design Guide in DLC.