ConnectX-2 EN Digital Optical Monitoring

Some SFP+ modules exports diagnostics.

On Linux this can be retrieved by the “ethtool -m|–dump-module-eeprom|–module-info” command (see Re: Optics (SFP) monitoring on ixgbe and igbe — Linux Network Development ).

The mlx4 driver implements this (see linux/port.c at 2a500090a4ea2ccd713f3c782a2fb27681bd6e67 · torvalds/linux · GitHub ), but for me this fails with the message

mlx4_core 0000:01:00.0: MLX4_CMD_MAD_IFC Get Module info attr(ff60) port(1) i2c_addr(50) offset(0) size(2): Response Mad Status(21c) - operation not supported for this port (the port is of type CX4 or internal)

Is it possible to get DOM info with ConnectX-2 or does this need ConnectX-3?

Update: A FreeBSD commit suggests that ConnectX-2 does not support this (see svn commit: r283612 - in head/sys/ofed: drivers/net/mlx4 include/linux )

Would it possible to access it thru the I2C 3-pin header on the card? Or is this just for firmware upgrade?

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According to the output, seems that operation is not supported on this HCA.

I2C is for debugging purpose only.