ConnectX-3 Pro: 40GbE QSA under Linux

I’m looking at the MCX313A-BCCT and/or MCX314A-BCCT cards in combination with a QSA module and a 4x 10GbE breakout cable.

  1. Will using a QSA / 10GbE lanes impact performance or available features (specifically hardware offload capabilities)?

  2. Using the linux driver, is it possible to configure the interface to operate as ‘bundled’ (40GbE) or ‘unbundled’ (4x10GbE)?

Thanks in advance for any insight.


i am afraid the answer for both your questions is No. You can’t really use the split cable on a server. It is meant for connecting a 40G Switch port to 4 different 10G switch or NIC ports (not the other way around).