SX1024 QSFP ports for 40 GbE host connections


The SX1024 switch documentation indicates that it includes 48 SFP+ ports for 10 GbE and 12 QSFP ports for 40/56 GbE. However, the manual ( ) seems to indicate that the QSFP ports are uplink-only. Is there any reason that the QSFP ports cannot be used to directly connect hosts? For example, can hosts A and B, both with ConnectX-3 Pro adapters, be connected to the switch using QSFP copper cables (e.g., part number MC2210130-001) and communicate with one another at 40 Gbps (ignoring potential bottlenecks at the host)?

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Great - thanks for the quick reply and clarification.



Absolutely. You can use the QSFP ports on the SX1024 to connect two hosts and they will be able to communicate at 40 or 56GbE. The documentation may have referred to them as uplinks as on the 10GbE TOR switch, the 40GbE ports are typically used as uplinks to the core switch.

That does not limit them from being used as 40GbE directly to the servers/hosts. If you are only looking for 40GbE ports, SX1036 and SX1012 are also suitable options. If you need help choosing the right switch, feel free to drop us a note.