Connectx 5 Ex (MCX516A-BDAT) with QSFP28 (40 Gbps) connection to SFP+ 10 Gbps

I have a Connectx 5 Ex (MCX516A-BDAT) with a QSFP28 port that I want to connect to a 10 GbE switch with SFP+ ports. I have seen two options to do this:

Are both options valid?. Which do you recommend?

Hello Alberto,

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Based on the information provided, yes unfortunately the break-out option is only available on the switch side. The adapter is still able to connect to the end of the break-out cable (1 of the 25GbE ends)

The module you are referring to (MAM1Q00A-QSA) is validated and supported for converting from QSFP to SFP+. The following link from the latest f/w RN of the adapter will give you a few more options →

Such as using a hybrid cable like the MC2309124-00x.

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