SN2010 and compatible SmartNIC for 100GbE

we are planning to buy a SN2010 Switch (Part-No. MSN2010-CB2FC) and besides 25 Gbs connections (via ConnectX-6 Lx) to server systems we want to connect a fileserver with 100Gbs to one of the QSFP28 ports of
the switch.
With which Nvidia/Mellanox SmartNIC and Nvidia/Mellanox cable (3m length, best a optical one) is this realizable ?
2 server systems with 25 Gbs connections (via ConnectX-6 Lx) are in a neighbour rack, which needs 10 m cable length.
Is this realizable with Mellanox active optical cable MFA2P10-A010 (25GbE, SFP28, 10m) ?
If not, can you suggest another cable ?
Thank you for your answers !

This question will require more in-depth investigation than is possible through a forum. A support request or your sales contact would be the best way to move forward with addressing your question. NVIDIA does not document compatibility information publicly for Mellanox switches.

I have already contacted the Nvidia Enterprise support, but i haven’t get answers to these questions.

If i go in depth, Mellanox provides only 100GB SmartNICs with QSFP56 ports (like ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNIC) and the SN2010 switch has QSFP28 ports.
Because of different modulation types (NRZ with QSFP28 and PAM4 with QSFP56) it is not clear, if this configuration is working.