Conversion from nvxcu (nvxcu_pitch_linear_image_t) to OpenCV Mat or vx_image

I am using low level CUDA APIs and frame source is ‘nvxio’. I want to use openCV with these low level APIs but the nvx_opencv_interop.hpp has conversion from vx_image to openCV. I am fine converting vx_image or directly to openCV. Thanks for the help.


Please use high-level API to interoperate vx_image to cv::Mat.
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Let me rephrase my question here. I am using ‘feature_tracker_nvxcu’ demo example where the source frame is getting captured into


. So is there a way to convert





Post this, i can convert vx_image to openCV.
Sorry for confusion.

I got it, vx_image can be created from cuda using


. Thanks

Hi @MilindDeore,

I also want to convert nvxcu_pitch_linear_image_t to vx_image. Can you please help me and suggest the steps to follow or share the code for conversion from nvxcu_pitch_linear_image_t to vx_image.