Convert to RGB24 or BGR24 formats

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I would like to test the following virtual camera which seems to be an alternative solution for v4l2loopback : GitHub - webcamoid/akvcam: akvcam, virtual camera for Linux. However, it currently receives limited number of input pixel formats :

  • RGB24
  • BGR24

Therefore, I would like to know how to convert the input of my following cameras into one of the above formats with hardware acceleration if possible, please :
Sony RAW Bayer camera via CSI2 (format=NV12)
Sony FCB camera via CSI2 (format=UYVY)
Webcam via USB (format=UYVY/MJPG)

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Please check below topic. Also you may get more information by search “v4l2loopback” in this forum.

Hi @ShaneCCC,

Thanks for your reply. In fact, I am using v4l2loopback and facing the same issue of missing V4L2_MEMORY_DMABUF support which prevents us to use the nvv4l2camerasrc with v4l2loopback device.

That why I would like to try this potential alternative.

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