Converting tensorflow model and checkpoint to onnx

I am trying to convert a pretrained model (Efficientnet) which I have trained on some custom images and new labels. But when using tf2onnx to convert it to onnx format it requires a checkpoint.meta file? But I can’t see this file anywhere? I only see a .index and .data file from the model when I have trained it.
How can I convert a custom model which is using transfer learning? I have downloaded the model from Tensorflow Model Zoo.


We download the efficientdet_d0_coco17_tpu-32.tar.gz from here.
And we can convert it into ONNX via tf2onnx with below command:

$ python3 -m tf2onnx.convert --saved-model efficientdet_d0_coco17_tpu-32/saved_model --output model.onnx

Here is our folder details for your reference:

$ ll efficientdet_d0_coco17_tpu-32/*
... efficientdet_d0_coco17_tpu-32/pipeline.config

total 22152
...  ./
...  ../
...  checkpoint
...  ckpt-0.index

total 20864
...  ./
...  ../
...  assets/
...  saved_model.pb
...  variables/


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