"Could not open drm device" trying to run kmscube


I’m trying to run the egl demo code kmscube: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/kmscube

I’ve built the source successfully. Then I use ctrl-alt-f1 to drop out to a command line login.

Every time I try to run the sample I get:

drmGetDevices2 failed: no such file or directory
could not open drm device
failed to initialize legacy drm

I’ve used the same steps to get this to run on a amd64 machine.

This testing was done on a fresh install of the latest Jetpack 4.4 that I fully patched.

Any help getting this running would be greatly appreciated.


We have a sample in


Please check if you can run it. More information about the sample is in

Hi DaneLLL,

Thank you for the response! I was able to compile and run this sample.

I’m not sure what the drmGetDevices2 call is supposed to do exactly, but that appears to be the failure point for kmscube. I can specify a device to use, but I don’t know what is a valid device.