crash PhysX with UnrealEngine4.16


This is a game developer with UnrealEngine4 in Japan.
I have a question about being crashed PhysX on PlayStation 4.

Topics on UDN are belowネットワークフレイ時-physx-inflatebounds-にてハンクアッフ.html
(Unfotunately, It’s Japanese.)

The crashing happened by UnrealEngine4.16 on PlayStation 4.

I attach the part of the call stack in below.

physx::shdfnd::aos::V4LoadU(const physx::PxF32* const f) 470行目+0x6バイト C++
physx::Sq::inflateBounds(physx::PxBounds3& dst, const physx::PxBounds3& src) 62行目 C++
physx::Sq::PruningPool::updateObjectsAndInflateBounds(const physx::PxBounds3* newBounds, const physx::Sq::PrunerHandle* handles, const physx::PxU32* indices

I’ve heard that it had been modified from EpicGames engineer.

I am wondering about the differnce of the correction code.
So, I’d like to ask about it.

I am looking forward to your feedback.