cross compile in windows for linux


I am new with nvcc.
Is it possible to build application in windows, cross building with nvcc, and then run the binary in linux ?
We need to build in eclipse (windows) and run & debug a remote linux.

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It’s not a supported toolchain/process.

It should be possible to run a VM in windows that hosts linux, and build there.

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If I understand correctly, nvcc for windows should be used (build+run binary) only in windows, and nvcc for linux only in linux(build+run binary) , Right ?

One more thing if I may.I see that it has dgb, gdbserver support.

So If I use the VM on windows, do you think it should it be possible to use eclipse in VM, and debug/deploy a remote traget ?

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If you use nsight eclipse edition, it should be possible to use it in the remote fashion that is supported:

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I followed the documentation, and it is very interesting eclipse version.
Though, not sure what the additional value between this eclipse version, to just configuring a toolchain in any other eclipse version.