How to configure CUDA compiler to run the code

How to configure the CUDA to find dependencies and run code in VS code IDE? How to configure tasks.json and launch.json? I tried adding CUDA-GDB for debug, but it threw an error that CUDA-GDB can only run on Linux machine. I am running the IDE on windows 10 machine and I already added CUDA development and debugger support extension in IDE (Nsight Visual Studio) as extension in IDE and installed latest compatible CUDA toolkit in my windows machine and I could successfully able to runnvcc --version in terminal of visual studio code IDE.

Hi, We do not currently support Windows. Nsight Visual Studio Code Edition is supported on platforms that are supported by cuda-gdb which are Linux and WSL. (Refer : CUDA-GDB)

However, for debugging kernels running on Windows, NVIDIA offers Nsight Visual Studio Edition, which is our full-featured Windows debugging solution. Thank you.